Chick-Fil-A secret menu

Chick-fil-A Secret Menu

Secret Menus Guru provides the latest and most popular, up to date Chick-fil-A secret menu items and prices. The items listed below are not your ordinary everyday Chick-fil-A orders. Each and every item you will see listed is in its own way a unique new way to experience and enjoy Chick-fil-A. Some items may be so confidential not even the employees have ever heard of them. Some of these unique confidential items are the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the Fried Chicken Club. Both which do not show on any regular Chick-fil-A menu. Only the most exclusive can dare to order any of the following Secret Menu items.

Below are the latest Chick-fil-A items and prices.



Below are the latest Chick-fil-A Secret Menu Items

Buffalo Chicken SandwichSpicy Chicken Sandwich smothered in Buffalo Sauce$3.49
Chicken QuesadillaChicken and cheese melted in a torilla$3.99
Free Ice CreamAny Kid's Meal prize can be substituted for a Free Ice CreamFree
Fried Chicken ClubChicken Club Sandwich with fried chicken instead of char-broiled chicken$4.49
Root Beer FloatRoot Beer topped with Vanilla Ice Cream$2.19+
Spicy CharSpicy Char-broiled Chicken Patty in a sandwich of your choice$3.69
Spicy Chicken, Egg and Cheese BiscuitChicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (spicy)$4.45
Strawberry Peach Hand Spun MilkshakePeach and Strawberry Milkshake, usually available only in the Summer$3.05

*Not all items are available at every restaurant. Price may vary.

Below you will find more detailed information on each and every food item.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

With every Chick-fil-A sandwich comes its own unique experience and taste. Adding to the wide variety of amazing tasting sandwiches, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich truly does provide another unique and probably never before tried taste. The Spicy Chicken smothered in Buffalo Sauce is just what the sandwich had been missing. The mix perfectly comes together giving it a taste that will have you coming back for more and more with each visit to Chick-fil-A. To order this Buffalo Spicy Chicken Sandwich simply order any Spicy Chicken off the menu and add Buffalo Sauce, don’t care to get your hands a bit dirty, because the taste is definitely worth it.

Chicken Quesadilla

Who would’ve though Chick-fil-A would ever serve a Quesadilla? Thanks to the Chick-fil-A secret Menu, you can finally order a delicious Chicken and Cheese melted tortilla. The tortilla comes with a combination of Chick-fil-A’s char-broiled chicken with cheese melted in a tortilla. This Secret Menu item can be enjoyed either as a snack or a meal, whichever you prefer over the other. To order this Mexican Delight, ask for a Chicken and cheese melted in a tortilla and if more detail is required ask for a char-broiled chicken and cheese melted inside a flour tortilla. Once you receive the tasty tortilla it will have you coming back craving for more.

Free Ice Cream

FREE ICE CREAM! Okay, so maybe not entirely free but if you end up in a Chick-fil-A with any children ordering a Kid’s Meal, go ahead and sneak your way to the toy and trade it in for a Vanilla Ice Cream, or you could just let the child trade in his toy for some Ice Cream, whichever suits the moment. When receiving the Kid’s Meal simply finish all the food and with the toy in hand go to the counter and request a trade, the toy for Ice Cream, the employee should be more than happy to acquiesce.

Fried Chicken Club

Unlike the Chick-fil-A chicken club, the Fried Chicken Club has much more to offer. The 280 calories this club packs is more then worth it. With every club order you receive a slim piece of tomato slice and a piece of lettuce is added with a slightly bigger bun this time. The order is a chicken club with fried chicken instead of char-broiled and don’t hesitate to mix up a few more ingredients like putting it all on a wheat bun or asking for some spicy fried chicken instead. To order simply ask for a Chicken Club to be customized with fried chicken instead of the classic char-broiled chicken.

Root Beer Float

At the end of the nineteenth century, a man named Frank Wisner invented the first Root Beer Float by adding Vanilla Ice Cream to a tall glass of cold Root Beer. Thanks to Frank Wisner, Chick-fil-A secret menu is able to add the recipe to itself and allow people to order or custom order a similar drink. The way you achieve the Root Beer Float recipe is by nicely asking a Chick-fil-A worker to put a little Vanilla Ice Cream on the bottom of your cup and fill with Root Beer or if your unlucky you’ll have to order a Vanilla Ice Cream and a drink just to make this possible.

Spicy Char

If you enjoy Chick-fil-A’s char-broiled chicken and would like to spice things up a bit, a Spicy char-broiled chicken is just what you need. While the original chicken sandwich is great adding some new flavors and spices makes it even greater and more enjoyable. The Spicy Char-broiled Chicken patty isn’t the only thing you can customize, a wheat bun can be added to make the sandwich even more healthier allowing you to enjoy a healthy meal without having to worry too much about any of the calories it packs. To order the Spicy Char simply request that you receive a Spicy Char-broiled Chicken patty in a sandwich of your choice.

Spicy Chicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

Although this delightful biscuit is only available at breakfast time the early morning journey to your nearest Chick-fil-A is more then worth your while. A perfectly balanced Spicy or not Fried Chicken standing on a mouth watering tasty folded egg topped with cheese and Chick-fil-A’s own biscuit bread. The 490 calorie breakfast food is the way to start your morning and fill you up just the perfect amount. To order this deliciously magnificent breakfast biscuit simply request it by name. Once you receive this delicious breakfast item it will definitely not be your last.

Strawberry Peach Hand Spun Milkshake

This limited to Summer availability is well worth the wait, because not only does it refresh you with its fruity flavors but also gives you a unique Chick-fil-A hand-spun shake experience with a flavor you probably never tasted before. This Peach, Strawberry mix gives it a almost yogurt type taste with both fruits known to be the main flavors of almost every single yogurt out there. To order this delicious beverage ask for a hand-spun milkshake consisting of both strawberries and peach. After you get it enjoy it till the last sip and surely it will have you coming back for more.

*Any of the above information provided may or may not be %100 accurate.

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Chick-fil-A Secret Menu
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