Dairy Queen secret menu

Dairy Queen Secret Menu

Secret Menus Guru provides the latest and most popular, up to date Dairy Queen secret menu items and prices. These are not your ordinary, everyday Dairy Queen ice cream choices.These items will provide a sense of exclusiveness and potentially even adventurousness due to the orders secretive nature. With a variety of different customized yet secretive features each item possesses, surely you will want to try at least one of the items listed. For example the Frozen Hot Chocolate, a unusual name for a frozen dessert or the Coffee Blizzard, both unusual menu items you must try at least once. Although the unusual names these items are characterized by, they still provide a delicious taste and easily earn their way to be available on the Dairy Queen secret menu.

Below are the latest Dairy Queen secret menu prices items.


Dairy Queen's Secret Menu

Below are the latest Dairy Queen Secret Menu Items

Banana Split BlizzardBanana Split swirled into a Blizzard$4.09
Chocolate Chip BlizzardAdditional Chocolate Chips in a Vanilla Blizzard$4.09
Coffee BlizzardAdditional Coffee Syrup in a OREO or Vanilla Blizzard$4.09
Frozen Hot ChocolateCooled Hot Chocolate with Blended Ice added$3.09
Marshmallow CremeAdditional Marshmallow Creme on any frozen dessert$3.89
Midnight Truffle BlizzardDark Cocoa Fudge and Truffle Bits in a Vanilla Blizzard$4.09
Peanut Buster ParfaitSundae with Hot Fudge and Peanuts$4.39

*Not all items are available at every restaurant. Price may vary.

Below you will find more detailed information on each and every food item.

Banana Split Blizzards

If a Banana Split won’t cut it for you on your next Dairy Queen visit, then you must try this Dairy Queen secret menu item. As you would imagine every single thing that makes up a Banana Split is also included in this custom Blizzard. The taste is exactly the same as you would think a Banana Split would taste but ten times better. To order this refreshing yet tasty secret menu item simply request for a Vanilla Blizzard with all additional topping usually used on a Banana Split.

Chocolate Chip Blizzard

The Dairy Queen’s secret Chocolate Chip Blizzard menu item grants a mouthful of pleasure and tastiness as it is packed with chocolaty goodness. If you think this is just another Vanilla Blizzard with chocolate chips mixed in, you are very wrong. The Chocolate Chip Blizzard actually combines a Vanilla Blizzard with hardened chocolate chunks usually used for dipping ice cream cones into. To order this unusual yet amazing tasty treat simply ask for a Vanilla Blizzard mixed with hardened chocolate chunks usually used for dipping ice cream cones in.

Coffee Blizzard

If you love coffee and enjoy a morning or anytime visit to Dairy Queen you’ll might want to try there secret menu item, the Coffee Blizzard. This unique mixture of coffee and Vanilla or Dairy Queen’s OREO Blizzard provides a very exclusive, delicate taste you have to try. Unlike any other Dairy Queen menu item, the Coffee Blizzard grants a very interesting and almost addicting taste you will love to order again. To order this extravagant drink you will need to ask for a OREO or a Vanilla Blizzard and ask them to blend in some extra Coffee Syrup for the distinct, unique taste.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Don’t fret, as this unique Dairy Queen secret menu item will surely not disappoint anyone in any way. Unlike a ordinary chocolate shake the Dairy Queen secret menu, Frozen Hot Chocolate allows for a incredibly tasty, new experience. This Hot Chocolate drink cooled and blended with ice gives a new way to enjoy most peoples favorite Hot Chocolate drink in a new style. To order the Frozen Hot Chocolate secret menu item simply request for a Hot Chocolate to be cooled and blended with ice. After you receive this delicious order simply enjoy it till there is no more.

Marshmallow Creme

Instead of roasting marshmallows go ahead and try out Dairy Queen’s secret menu item, the Marshmallow Creme. This delicious Frozen Treat topped with Marshmallow Creme will surely surprise your taste buds in the best way possible. Thanks to Marshmallows nature, the Marshmallow Creme can be added to any tasty Frozen Treat and it will not be any less tasty than the next. To try this sweet goodness ask for any frozen treat of your liking to be topped with some Marshmallow Creme and enjoy every scoop of it.

Midnight Truffle Blizzard

This mouthwatering chocolaty, Midnight Truffle will most definitely give you a significant amount of satisfaction. The treat is so good it was once advertised as Dairy Queen’s most Popular Blizzards of the Month. This Dark Cocoa Fudge infused Vanilla Blizzard is more than worth the trip to Dairy Queen as it will leave you well pleased. To order this delicious frozen treat request a Vanilla Blizzard with some mouthwatering Dark Cocoa Fudge mixed with large chunks of Truffle Bits for the best experience.

Peanut Buster Parfait

If you like Peanuts and love Sundaes then this delicious Dairy Queen secret menu item is what you’ve been waiting for. The combination of sweet and salty pleases most and will definitely please all with its Dairy Queen Hot fudge and Crunchy Peanuts topped on a regular Sundae. To order this delicious, mouthwatering dessert ask for a Sundae of your liking to be topped or even mixed with some Crunchy Peanuts and Hot Fudge.

*Any of the above information provided may or may not be %100 accurate.

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Dairy Queen Secret Menu
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