Five Guys secret menu

Five Guys Secret Menu

Known as one of the best burger joints ever, Five Guys truly does provide us with great satisfaction. Secret Menus Guru provides the best, most popular Five Guys secret menu items you probably never heard of. These few exclusive menu items are definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Even though the Five Guys menu is already good as is, Secret Menus Guru makes it better with these delicious, mouth watering secret menu items listed below.

Below are the latest Five Guys secret menu items.


Five Guys Secret Menu

Below are the lates Five Guys Secret Menu Items

Double Grilled Cheese BurgerBurger Patties placed between two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches$8.78
Patty MeltGrilled Cheese Sandwich with Burger Patties and all your favorite ingredients inside$5.29
Well Done FriesDouble Fried French Fries for a Crispier Taste$3.09+
Cheese FriesCheese Melted onto some delicious Five Guys Fries3.09+

*Not all items are available at every restaurant. Price may vary.

Double Grilled Cheese Burger

If you want to truly experience the Five Guys Food Chain to its fullest potential then this recipe should be your next Five Guys order. This delicious innovation combines Americas favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with mouth watering Burger Patties perfectly placed in between the two. Not only can you customize the Secret Menus sandwich by adding Beef Patties, you can also add any of your favorite Five Guys toppings. Although the price on this order is a bit hefty, ordering it once a week will definitely not disappoint you or your wallet. To order the Double Grilled Cheese Burger simply request for two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and however many Burger Patties to be placed in between them.

Patty Melt

Very similar to the Double Grilled Cheese Burger, this more affordable, appetizing, unique burger will surely give you a pleasurable experience of Five Guys you’ve probably never experienced before. Consisting of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich stuffed with Burger Patties and everything that makes up a Five Guys Burger. This truly is a Cheeseburger you will never forget. To order the Patty Melt you will need to nicely ask for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and then request for Burger Patties to be placed inside the Grilled Cheese Sandwich as well as all your favorite Five Guys toppings.

Well Done Fries

If the normal Five Guys, delicious Fries don’t impress you enough, then maybe you will enjoy Crispy, extra fried Fries. Given that Five Guys gives a bland choice of Fries, this Secret Menu item may actually come to your liking. To order the delicious Well Done Fries simply request for extra fried Fries, or Well Done Fries.

Cheese Fries

This unusual Five Guys Secret Menu order will surely impress your taste buds and will drag you back for more and more. Due to Five Guys bland choice of Fries, this Secret Menu item will definitely give you a Five Guys experience like no other. To order the delicious Cheese Fries request for Cheese Fries, or melted cheese on top of the Fries.

*Any of the above information provided may or may not be %100 accurate.

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Five Guys Secret Menu
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